Saturday, November 26, 2011

a PiCtUrE pAiNtEd

you saw me once
quiet confidence
easy smile
a song happily from my lips
sparkling eyes
any and all of what you saw
would have been lies...

once you thought of me
sturdy and strong
perfectly together
sweet little life

lovely friend, grateful wife
you could not have known of this pain
cutting me like a knife

there was a time that you hated me
angry eyes
sharp tongue
cruel wit
my rise, your fall
but really you missed everything real
t h a t   w a s   j u s t   a   w a l l

once you thought you had me figured out
wicked woman
naughty girl
sweet lady
princess, elf
how could you have possibly known
what i did not know myself

someday you may remember me
sad girl
a little unhinged
basically good
an innocent tainted
and now you know the awful truth
it was all just a picture. painted.