Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Easiest Fingerless Glove Crochet Pattern Ever

I made up this fingerless glove pattern after attempting a really pretty pattern that just didn't turn out well at all.  I am a beginner at crochet.  Still having a problem with testing gauge and such.  So, I'm sure its my error, but other beginners are probably having the same problems.  So here what I came up with to make the fingerless gloves pictured above:

Using a large crochet hook:
Chain 25, join into first chain with a slip stitch, careful not to twist your ring. 
Round 1: sc into each back loop only of your 25 count chain, join into first sc with a slip stitch
Round 2: hdc into each sc around, join into first hdc with slip stitch.  REPEAT FOR ROUND 3
Round 4-11: dc around, slip stitch into each beginning dc
Round 12: chain 6, skip 2 spaces, sc into next stitch, *chain 3, skip one space, sc into next stitch* continue from * around do not slip stitch into anything at the end of this round, continue into next round
Round 13: chain 3, sc into the first chain, which is the one large chain, *chain 3, sc into the sc stitch in between your loop* continue from * around
Round 14: double crochet into each loop, twice, and into each sc in between the loops once around
Round 15 and 16: hdc into each stitch around, joining each round with a slip stitch
Round 17: single crochet around, slip stitching together, fasten off TADA

Here's another pair I made.  I love doing these with the variegated colored yarn, very cute!  These work up in about two episodes of Bubble Guppies. 

You can do a lot of creative variations on these.  At right is a slight variation I made of these.  I changed the colors (duh, which you can clearly see) but I also added an extra row of the chain 3 loops.  I found that when I add the extra row, the top part gets too large once I added my row of double crochets.  Correct this by skipping every other stitch on your first row of half double crochets, then complete the pattern as written.  In this variation, I also added a row of decorative picots (I think that's what they're called??)  I did this by chaining 2, slip stitching into second chain from hook, then slip stitching into the next chain all the way around.

Happy crocheting!