Friday, August 18, 2017

Amanda Gatton's NEW HALLOWEEN Line

OMG...  It's almost here...  My time of year.  My day to dress how I want and not seem (that) weird.  My day to chat out with the dead.  My day to be anybody.  


OK, well, so it's August.  *sigh*  I mean, it's not that far off right?  Definitely not so far off that you shouldn't feast your eyes on my new original HALLOWEEN DESIGNS!

This is OUR YEAR to rock Halloween in all our glorious, Gothic style, you guys.  Not Halloween?  Why let that stop you?

This new collection offers a host of creepy cuteness with pumpkins, witches, black cats, and more!  You can find art prints, phone and other electronic covers, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, journals, stickers, back packs, totes, draw string bags, leggings, skirts, scarves, and SO MUCH MORE!  

Links to where to find these goodies in the end of this note!

If you're a fan of my art, there's a really good possibility that it doesn't need to be Halloween for you to want to be surrounded by the spirit of the thing.  If it's Halloween every day in your world, boy have I got you covered on home decor.  Art, wall hangings, curtains, pillows, shams, mugs, blankets, comforters, and so much more can all be yours in just about every spooky design your little heart could desire.  Make sure you follow along on Pinterest so you can stay in the know, because there will be SO MANY more designs coming!

Perhaps the thing I am MOST EXCITED to bring to you, sweet, creepy soul, is my new OUIJA collection.  *dreamy sigh*  Suns, Moons, and Spirits, oh my!  So far there are four beautiful and original designs, including an Edgar Allan Poe tribute piece!  The coolest thing is that on Society6, these can be purchased as metal prints as large as 28x22, so you can actually USE these as spirit boards!!! There are also many complimentary items in the Ouija series, and more to come!  Follow along on Instagram too, so you never miss a thing!

OK.  Are you ready?  Here's where to find all these fabulous new goodies:

Happy Haunting~Amanda