Wednesday, August 23, 2017

NEW: Custom Portraits by Amanda Gatton

I am happy and super excited to introduce custom portraits to my shop on Etsy!  These portraits are in the style of "Big Eyes," also known as pop surrealism.  Big eyes is a movement made hugely popular by artist, Margaret Keane.  Keane is an influence in the art of Tim Burton, and he created a film about her that is called, Big Eyes.  Anyway, if you know me at all you know I love pop surrealism and ESPECIALLY Tim Burton!  So basically, my portraits of you, your kids, your mom, or basically anyone in life you want a portrait of are a pop art style in which I increase the size of their eyes and make them look slightly creepy cute!  If you want a family portrait, each subject gets his or her own background and are placed in a "Brady Bunch" style frame.  Basically unlimited background and frame colors are available!  You get to choose a lot of aspects of the portrait.

All I'll need from you to start is a photo of your face, or each face you'd like rendered, straight on.  The reason for this is that I actually take your photo and enlarge it's eyes, therefore creating the most accurate reference for myself to make you a beautiful portrait!  It doesn't need to be a high quality photo or even a good photo.  As you can see from the photo that I used of myself (below) to create my self portrait, my hair is a mess, I have no makeup, there are no effects on the photo.  It was just a crummy selfie.  I will beautify the photo when I draw it!  In fact, if you'd like me to add something or highlight something, such as fancy makeup, a face tattoo, turn black hair pink; anything like that; just ask!  My husband has red hair but often in photos it looks brown, but as you can see, I really popped his orange/red hair in his portrait above!  Any little extra details like that, even if they're not obvious in the photo you provide, I can happily add for you!

Get your Big Eyes portrait HERE.
Get your Big Eyes family portrait HERE (limit, 6 subjects).
PETS coming soon!