Monday, July 19, 2021

Creepy Coddiwomple


At Coddiwomple Academy, we love all things spooky. Anything from Grimm Fairy Tales to Creepypasta. And we know there are many kids who love creepy stories too! The problem can be that even though we like scary stuff, sometimes the stories have content that isn’t appropriate for kids like profanity. So, we are going to post a collection of kid friendly horror stories right here! Kid friendly meaning they will not contain profanity or sexual content. That way you can enjoy your scary stories in a way that is comfortable, free, and safe. 

“Creepypasta” are stories that achieve Internet fame by being copied and pasted, or shared, all over the web. I will write some of the stories posted here, and some of them will be collaborations between my Outschool students and me! My students would love to see their stories become the next popular Creepypasta, so you are more than welcome to copy and paste these stories. Enjoy!

The Cult of Forgotten Friends 

Field of Dead Poppies 

Black Sheep Mutation (Part 1)

Black Sheep Mutation (Part 2)

Bumble: FNAF Fan Fiction Part 1

Bumble: FNAF Fan Fiction Part 2 

Fazbear’s Fire Part 1

Fazbear’s Fire Part 2

Quinn’s Story 

New Story from Quinn

Snippet 1 from Lotte

Snippet 2 from Lotte

The New Aftons: Five Nights At Freddy’s Fanfiction

Spooky Snippets from Anna

Goat Lady Lily by Quinn

Redacted Interview Snippet from Lotte

The Green Door by Anna

Eerie Snippet from Lotte

Quinn’s Story Part 2

Bigfoot is real and I need someone to believe me (The Bigfoot Trials Part 1)

Addy's Journal by Breanna

The Solar Flare by Breanna

The Little Red Bird by Hadley 

The Wicked Tree in the Waste

The Hackers by Breanna

Non Scary Stories: 

Rescue Blackie by Breanna

Beatrice and the Magical Island by Breanna