Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Spooky Writing Snippets from Anna

 Here are some spooky writing snippets from my learner, Anna who is in my Outschool Creative Writing Club.

picture prompt:
I think the person or a monster is very ugly.The woman has a bloody mouth, and has a very big black eyes. I think she maybe sea monster from the depth of the sea. This picture shows only the higher part of the body.And I guess her lower body must be slimy tentacles. I can't see this picture very well. But, I see very weird triangular ears sticking out of her hair. And I also see a crown. She maybe a evil queen.

Write about a character with a magical ability that drives them insane.
First, my character is a wizard. His name is STALWART. He is very strong and he did not know anything about magic until he saw weird envelope sticking out of his front door of the house. Then, he search the basement of his house, and found a one broomstick and five gold coins. At his first try of riding broom stick, he was lucky, and succeeded flying to a magical castle. It was not a castle, but a giant academy. He went to there, and found dangerous creatures. He fought with his magic against the monsters. And the monsters all got dead.
Then, he met the very very very very strongest and evilest wizard. The wizard's name is VOLDAMOLTAE. VOLDAMOLTAE had wanted the most strongest power in the world. But, the strongest power was inside STALWART wand. So, he tried to break the wand.  Before he could do that, STALWART used a spell to shut him up, and freeze him. VOLDAMOLTAE got frozen like sold ice. STALWART reported to the head master, and the head master was very angry. If STALWART didn't tell her to come down.
She would have turned into a volcano. The head master tried to kill VOLDAMOTAE. But, she failed because VOLDAMOLTAE is much more powerful than her. But, who knows? VOLDAMOLTAE can unfreeze himself. Because his soul was not gone. THE END

Write about a demon who loves Christmas
Once upon a time, there was a demon. He was very weak in front of God. On day, he said to the God " You are not enough to rule the world" The God got mad and threw the demon into the human world. And, that time, it was the Christmas eve. The demon was very hungry and have nothing to eat because he was so ugly looking to be welcomed even into the kindest man in the world's house. The demon wandered the days and days. But, luckily he found the icy palace.
He went past the goblin guards and there it was the snow king. He begged and begged for several hours to give him some food, and make people turn into ice. Finally the king gave up and decided to grant his wish. The demon was overjoyed. He flew back to the heaven. Where the angry God was. When the God saw the poor villagers frozen, the demon smiling, he killed the demon with his hands, and melted the villagers from ice. But, the demon got to the underworld and begged to Hades.  Hades also granted his wish. The demon went back to the human world unlike the wish he made to go back to heaven. Then, the demon saw all the happy people and saw that Christmas was happy holiday. He begged for forgiveness to the God. The God rejoiced because it was the first time the demon begged forgiveness. Then, the demon learned his lesson and started to love Christmas. THE END