Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Fazbear’s Fire Part 2

  This FNAF Fanfiction was a collaboration between myself and several of my students on Outschool. The students who worked on this story are: Elias, Hattie, Shay, Elizabeth, Student 1123209, Ty, and Sylis. 

Part one is HERE.

Suzy burst out of the meadow and into an overgrown gravel parking lot. She stopped for a second to catch her breath. Things had gotten a little sketchy in the tall grass. Hearing her friends calling out behind her, their voices distorted by the wind, and the hazy hot disorientation of being unable to see through or over the grass… It had been scary. She breathed hard and doubled over for a moment. 

She was in the back of an ancient looking building that was in such bad disrepair that it looked like a giant trash heap. There was a skeletal metal  frame around the top edge of the building with shreds of what had once been an awning still flapping in some spots. The tattered dirty fabric had orange and red stripes and suddenly it clicked in Suzy’s head where she was.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria. 

It had been closed so long, she’d never even been there as far as she could recall, but the rumors about the place were legendary locally. She noted the back door was ajar and just then she heard a sharp bark come from the shadows beyond the door. Her heart started to slow and relief flooded her because she knew her brother was in there, probably playing with Benji in a deserted play land. 

Suzy jogged across the lot and into the back door without a thought. But the dank smell that assaulted her when she entered the dark place slowed her down a little bit. 

She walked cautiously into a big cluttered kitchen. All the equipment had been just left behind, but there was also clutter and trash everywhere as people over the years had probably broken in and used the place for various reasons. 

She traced her finger through a film of dust on a metal countertop and peered all around the empty room. There were a number of doorways in the cavernous room and Suzy didn’t know where they went, or where to start to look for Chris. But then she heard a noise from the direction of a swinging doorway on the other side of the big kitchen.

She maneuvered across the room and shoved through the swinging door so hard that it banged violently into the wall. She was all prepared to read her brother the riot act for running off. He might not really understand what he’d done, but she knew he had to learn things like this. 

Unfortunately, what she saw instead of a wayward little brother and friend’s dog, was a grotesque monster. 

It swung slowly around in its spot where it stood among several tables where other fiendish beasts seemed to lay sleeping. Or, dead, hopefully.

The thing had to be nearly eight feet tall. It was a strange collection of giant limbs and pieces, some that looked like a nightmarish version of a teddy bear, some that looked like a murderous fox. It wore a top hat and bow tie, but also tattered brown short pants and had a hook on one hand, and gruesome metal claws on the other. 

It’s big black rolling eyes stared at her. It seemed to take big gravely breaths, but it sounded like it was coming from speakers, not from actual lungs. 

It took a step toward her. It’s terrible toothy mouth seemed to smile wickedly. 

Suzy’s eyes narrowed. 

She’d heard rumors about this place. Everyone had. It was hard to believe that craziness was apparently true. She knew two things. This thing was a murdering monster. And her little brother was somewhere in this place.

It seemed like a good time to leave. Luckily, Suzy was brave like her little brother. So brave, she was almost a psycho about it. 

She squared up her shoulders and streaked toward the monster. Suzy leaped into the air and planted her foot squarely into the thing’s chest. It penetrated easily through the flimsy papery outer shell of the thing. It whimpered pitifully and went down with Suzy on top of it. 

It’s teeth gnashed together and Suzy shrieked. She grabbed the scruff on the side of the thing’s costume head, and she yanked with all her might. 

It went limp beneath her as wires ripped viciously and the head disconnected from the body.

Suzy stood up and looked down at the monster. Some monster though, getting it’s butt handed to it by a teen girl. Sweat poured down her face which made her feel madder. 

She decided to grab a nearby metal chair and beat the thing to bits, just to be safe. 


Sam was starting to get really freaked out by the time he found the rear of the restaurant. Benji had never ever run off and left him before. He hated to admit it, but he’d hardly even thought about Chris until now. But he finally started to feel a bit of relief as he entered Fazbear’s back door because he figured he’d find both of them inside. 

As soon as he was in, his eyes were drawn to a noise across the room. The big metal door of what had once been a freezer now stood open like the mouth of a monster. The sound came from inside. Sam breathed a sigh of relief thinking he’d found the lost friend and dog. 

But, still. He stood right where he was. Some little alarm was going off deep inside his brain. Should he call out? No, best to stay quiet until he knew for sure what was going on. 

Sam crouched down and quietly made his way over between a huge island and a big bank of ovens and stoves. He glanced into the oven he was hanging onto for balance and noticed with great surprise that a tiny flame was burning inside. The pilot light was still lit.

He couldn’t believe this old dump hadn’t blown up or burnt down by now. 

Sam peeked around the bottom leg of the island where he could spy the opening to the freezer. That’s when it appeared. 

A monster. Made of chocolate. 

It was a huge rabbit. But weirdly, it was like two different rabbits combined into one with haphazard stitches and rusty bolts and screws. Most of it looked as though it were chocolate; like one of those easter candy bunnies. But some parts, like one ear, and the belly, were white with colorful yet dirty designs etched into its outer shell. 

Perhaps the most terrifying part was a small, sharp toothed toy like robot who was clamped onto the chocolate rabbit’s leg. It chattered mechanically and ate chunks of chocolate as they fell from the monster. 

With everything in him, Sam wanted to get out. But he knew he couldn’t run. And he knew he couldn’t fight this thing off if it caught him. Sam could not be strong.

So, Sam would need to be smart instead. It was the only way. 

The thing was dripping chocolate in the sweltering heat of the old building. It’s face oozed and it growled, but in a way that sounded like a toy whose batteries were running low. Sam was able to observe it’s slow struggle to even move at all, and the thing attached to it behaved as though it relied on the bigger monster; even though it was eating parts of it. Maybe he didn’t need to fight it.

Maybe he could just melt it. 

On the rack in front of him, amongst a pile of forgotten debris, he could see one of those long lighters, like the ones used to light a grill. 

Like the grill, oven, and stove he was currently hidden by. 

Ever so quietly, Sam retrieved the lighter. It was dusty and he knew there was a good possibility that it wouldn’t even work. But it was about his only choice, so he had to try it. He flicked it’s black switch and to his immense joy, a little flame shot out of it. 

The small sound caused the chocolate monster rabbit to snap it’s attention in Sam’s direction. It course corrected and began to lumber in Sam’s direction. 

It seemed to take forever for the rabbit to get across the room. As it came close, Sam reached up and turned the stove’s igniter. It click click clicked and he could hear the tiny hiss of gas being fed to the burner. 

Click click click. 

The thing was almost there. 

Just as it rounded the island, Sam touched the lighter’s flame to the area of the burner and flame roared up from the old stove. Sam leapt up and shoved the surprised robot down onto the flame. 

It let out a terrible shriek as it melted away and it’s remains crumpled to the floor.


When Charlie burst out of the tall grass and into the gravel lot, there was a monster coming out the back door of the old broken down building. She stopped short and stared. 

It was like something from a person’s absolute worst nightmare. It was basically a giant moving metal frame with all sorts of nuts, bolts, wires, and blinking lights. But it had two necks. On one was the massive face of a white fox-like creature. Even though it had pink accents and looked like it was wearing makeup with red cheeks and lips, it also had a terrifying whithered muzzle full of rows and rows of vicious sharp teeth. 

On the second metal neck was yet another horrible huge costume head. This one was a terribly tattered, whithered, and dirty head of a teddy bear. It had gaping black eye sockets with small white points of light for eyes, but also wore a cute small top hat and a bow time beneath its mouth full of gnarly teeth. 

What. The. Actual?

Unfortunately, the thing spotted Charlie and started coming her way.

Charlie turned and dashed back into the high grass.

She stopped far enough into the grass where she could barely spy the monster, but hoped it couldn’t really see her. While she’d made her way through the grass, she sort of gotten her bearings. She made the snap decision to lead the crazy thing into the grass and get it lost. And then go into the old Fazbear’s restaurant where she’d heard the screams and shouts of her friends. 

It came fast, and when it was almost to the grass, she dashed farther in, and then off to the right. She paused to listen to the creature following her into the grass. She led it further, and then one she was certain it was heading deeper into the meadow, she quietly doubled back to the parking lot. This time she stepped out of the field stealthily. The parking lot was empty and she could hear that the monster was getting quieter and quieter as it disappeared into the weeds. 

Charlie dashed across to the back door and then crept quietly inside. 

She immediately found Sam and Suzy huddled together behind a shelf in the kitchen. She crouched down and threw her arms around them, flooded with relief. Although, not too much since Chris and Benji were clearly still missing. Her best friends hugged her back. 

Suzy was crying. 

“What’s wrong? Are you alright?” Charlie whispered. 

Suzy and Sam both nodded. “Yes, but we haven’t found Chris.” 

“Or Benji,” Sam added. 

“But I heard a bark,” Suzy continued. “That’s why I came in here, because I heard Benji. I know they’re in here. But… But… There are monsters.” 

Charlie nodded. “I know. I saw one in the parking lot. It got lost in the weeds. Listen, we’re together now. Let’s just go look for them. Let’s get our boys back.” 

Charlie’s resolve and confidence inspired her friends to regroup their own courage. The three of them, caked in sweat and dirt, stood up. They joined hands. Before they could decide which way to go, they heard the crazy sound of a man laughing like a lunatic. 


As if there hadn’t been enough insane things to see that day, the trio of friends saw the most amazing sights of their lives when they crept into the dining room. 

For one thing, Chris was very much alive, and staring down some dude who, you could tell just by looking at him, was a total psychopath. 

Benji also, was quite alive, but maybe not doing so hot. He was matted and bleeding, but he hulked in front of Chris, growling with teeth bared up at the psycho. Another dog; a robotic one, lay dead nearby. 


Another creature also hovered in front of both Chris and Benji, placing itself between them and the laughing man. 

It was Rotom Pokédex! 

“Holy crap,” Suzy whispered. 

But, none of that was even the most amazing thing. The MOST amazing thing was the monster on the table. Actually, two tables shoved together because that’s how big it was. It was a dreadful conglomeration of tattered and filthy creatures, a bird, a fox, a rabbit, and TWO bears. It’s body was massive, and all the heads of all the creatures were crammed together to form the ugly, seething, seeping, mess of a monster. It rose from the table and stood every bit of ten feet tall. 

Charlie nearly peed down her leg. 

Just then, there was a distant rumble that quickly became deafening and then there was an explosion behind the laughing man as a strange looking young man blasted up through the floor like a rocket. His abrupt detonation into the room knocked the laughing man across the room, and also caused the monster to tumble unceremoniously to the ground. 

“Who is that?” Sam breathed. 

“K1-BO!” Suzy whispered in disbelief. 

“From Danganronpa,” Charlie added, “I can’t freaking believe this.” 

K1-BO motioned to Chris and Benji to move, but they had already began to dart across the room to their older friends. K1-BO then whirled to face them all. “RUN!” He shouted. 

Without even thinking about it, Suzy and Charlie picked up Sam between them, and Chris managed to sling the injured Benji over his shoulder. They ran out of the way they’d come, fueled by pure adrenaline and terror. As they fled, they heard the man begin to laugh again. They heard the nightmare roar. And they heard sirens coming in the distance. 

They were barely out of the building when it exploded and burst into a wall of flames. 


They went to the very front most edge of the parking lot, away from the field, away from the fire. And they waited just a matter of seconds for the authorities to begin to arrive. Four cop cars flew into the lot. 

“What’s going on here?” A cop yelled as he scrambled out of his cruiser. “We got a call about screams and now this place is…” He turned and looked at the fire, raking his hands through his hair. 

Another cop stepped up beside the kids. “I always said this place shoulda been tourn down years ago. After all that stuff that-“

“Ahem,” said the first cop, darting his eyes down at the kids to remind the other cop not to say too much. 

Soon there were tons of police and firemen on the lot, fighting the fire, and generally trying to figure out what to do. Then, yet another amazing thing took place. 

A man, not laughing anymore, walked out of the flames. 

“AFTON!” Someone yelled. 

The man took off toward the field, but in his diminished state he could barely walk, let alone run, and the cops were on him in seconds. 

At long last, William Afton was led away in cuffs. 


Charlie lay in bed that night, freshly bathed, full of ibuprofen for her cuts and bruises, exhausted, and frankly shocked to be alive. She’d received so many calls and texts over the evening that she’d learned ALL about the sordid past of William Afton and how he’d long avoided detection by the authorities. A carefully concealed reign of terror had come to an end, and it seemed like it was maybe thanks to her and her friends. 

But it was still hard to get to sleep. Because that day, Charlie had learned that everything you think is just a nightmare is actually real