Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Fazbear’s Fire Part 1

 This FNAF Fanfiction was a collaboration between myself and several of my students on Outschool. The students who worked on this story are: Elias, Hattie, Shay, Elizabeth, Student 1123209, Ty, and Sylis. 

Charlotte Emily smiled up at the sky, happy for the beautiful day out with friends. She’d been away for quite sometime and was surprisingly glad to be back home and had made a great little group of new friends. 

Suzy was probably her best friend, fun, lively and athletic. She normally had to bring her little brother, Chris along. She always apologized a lot for that even though nobody minded having Chris around. Chris was a quirky kid who didn’t speak much, and if he did, he would sometimes just repeat things over and over. Sometimes Suzy would look annoyed with him for just a second, but then she’d try and be patient in the end. 

Charlotte, or Charlie, as everyone called her, had one other friend who she hung around with a lot. Sam was a kid her age who was smart and funny. He also had a prosthetic leg because he’d lost his in an accident a few years back. He walked with a limp and couldn’t really move too fast, but other than that, he managed to have fun just like everyone else. One really cool thing about Sam was his service dog, Benji. He was a long haired Labrador and just the prettiest dog Charlie had ever known. Even though you’re not supposed to bother service dogs, Sam allowed the friend group to bond and play with the dog just like he did. 

That sunny day, the quartet plus Benji had spent the whole late morning and then long into the afternoon playing Pokémon Go. Only Chris did not have a phone, but he seemed content to tag along, staying mostly lost in his own world. The group was in massive competition with one another and the game had taken them all over town; into the woods, and finally into the overgrown meadow on the other side of the forest where they presently played. 

“Holy crap!” Sam exclaimed as the group emerged into the clearing. “This is a PokeStop!”

Everyone burst into the clearing behind him. “I can’t believe there’s a PokeStop way out here in the middle of nowhere!” Suzy exclaimed. 

The comment gave Charlie a little shiver as she suddenly thought to stop and take stock of her surroundings. It was so easy to get lost in the Pokémon Go world, she had just realized that she really had no idea where they were. She stopped in her tracks and stared into the meadow grass, which tossed in the breeze and seemed to whisper. It was so tall, she could only see over it if she stood on her tiptoes. And further into the field, the grass got even taller.

She couldn’t see anything past the field. 

“Hey guys, maybe we should turn back,” Charlie suggested. But she spoke so weakly, no one paid any attention as they darted into the grass. 


William Afton stood in the murky gloom of the old abandoned dining room of the restaurant that had once housed happy families, noisy games, singing animatronics, and delicious greasy food.

Now, it was rickety and filthy, dust drifting down in the few moats of light that snuck through boarded up windows. The place had the moldy smell of a place old and forgotten. It was eerily quiet except for two things. 

The whir and click of a robotic dog named Fetch, watching it’s master with dead read eyes.

And the maniacal laughter of William Afton. 

He stood looking around at all that he’d created. All his beloved monsters, combined to rise and become the strongest evil ever known by mankind. They laid out all the tables around him, where pizza and joy had once been served. Now giant, slumbering, beasts covered the grungy table tops. 



William Afton cackled. 


All of the sudden, Chris, who’d barely made a peep in three hours, stopped short and screamed, “ROTOM!” 

Charlie paused. She still had Chris in her sight, and Benji was at his side. But everyone else was somewhere off in the weeds. 

Charlie smiled awkwardly. Rotom Pokedex was a Pokémon character. Chris had apparently decided to join in the game even though he didn’t have a phone. 

“ROTOM!” Chris screamed again.

He was staring straight ahead, into the tall grass. Benji stood poised at Chris’s size, one paw raised, also staring into the grass. 

“Did you see a Pokémon?” Charlie asked awkwardly, wanting to include Chris but not really understanding how he was playing. 


Chris screamed the name louder and louder. Then, he shot off like a rocket into the grass. 

“CHRIS, NO!” Charlie called.

Benji took off after Chris and in one heartstopping second, they were gone. 

Charlie stood frozen, staring at the grass that jostled in the spot they’d passed through, but the movement quickly resumed back to the gently rhythmic sway of the wind. “Chris?” Charlie murmured. 


“Charlie?” Came Suzy’s voice, from somewhere distant. “Is Chris OK?” 

“He ran away!” Charlie cried, beginning to panic. 

“Chris?” Suzy called.

“CHRIS?” Sam called, from some other far off point in the field. 

“CHRIIIIIIS!” Charlie screamed. 


William Afton stood above the thing that had been created with Freddy and Funtime Foxy, two of the animatronics who’d been most beloved once upon a time, when the diner had prospered. But the children who’d once loved the animatronics had nothing on William Afton’s love for the creatures. 

He loved them as if they were his own children. 

The thing’s giant bulbous eyes were closed and it’s huge jaw containing three rows of jagged teeth hung open and slack. William Afton stroked it’s cheek. Then, with a deep breath, he reached to the spot on the back of the creature’s neck to flip the switch. 

That’s when the little boy burst into the diner through the kitchen door, with a dog close on his tail. The boy screamed, “ROTOM,” or some such nonsense as he ran in, but when William spun to face him, the boy skidded to a halt and shut up his mouth like a steel trap. 

William’s animatronic dog, Fetch, streaked forward and leapt at the boy’s beast. The two dogs met in a snarling clash in mid air, and the boy fell backwards and scurried away from the fight on his bottom, instantly covered in a thick layer of grime from the floor. 

William Afton grinned. 

Freddy Fox’s eyes snapped open. 

Chris stared straight into Afton’s evil beady eyes. 

The dogs fought. William Afton began to step forward.

And the monster on the table began to sit up.

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