Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Finished Miniature Traveler’s Wagon Project: Video Tour


Clarabelle Crowley has moved into her new abode. In fact, she’s seeing two of her most regular, and most NEUROTIC clients at the moment. Consulting the ouija for Edgar Allan Crow trying to find out where that confounded ticking sound is coming from (no one hears it but him 🙄) and then there’s dear Lydia Deetz who undoubtedly will want to ask the tarot once again if there is love out there for her. Ever since her first marriage unfortunately… Erm, failed, she’s been to see Clarabelle nearly daily, and it’s exhausting. She loves her quirky clients, but they do try her patience and she really just can’t wait for nightfall to light some candles and work on her cozy mystery novel. 

I loved making this traveler’s wagon. I created a pattern on Procreate and then cut it out of Amazon boxes. It went together really well with hot glue. Then I used a technique I learned from Bentley House Minis and coated the whole thing in a mixture of Elmer’s Glue and joint compound. The rest was decorated with various bits and bobs from our craft supplies! I hope you love your Little Paper World, Clarabelle!