Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Green Door by Anna

My Creative Writing Club student, Anna, wrote this story. The writing prompt that she was assigned was: Write a story with the title: The Green Door.

Once upon a time, there was a boy. That boy was living in a house that is the end of a twisted road. His life was very normal, and his family was normal, too. But, there was a weird thing in his house. In the basement, there was a green door. He always wanted to open that door. But, he couldn't because of a large lock. One day when he went to his school, there was something odd about his teacher. His teacher started to teach him about thief. He thought it was weird, he continued on. One day he learned about picking locks. At this point, he thought really odd and started to miss school. He did not tell his parents about this, because his parents turned weird, too. But, then one day, he went to his basement, and looked at the green door. He used his lock picking skills to unlock the green door. He opened the door, and saw grim flash of light. And, nobody knew what happen to that boy. When the boy was gone, everything returned to normal. But, his family moved away from that house. Another family moved in that house. One day, the boy in the new family's house was vanished, too. And, that continued in the every family that came to the house.