Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Goat Lady Lily

 This snippet was written by my learner, Quinn who used a picture prompt in my creative writing club. She also created a cool piece of art to go with it!

There was a little boy named Noah who was afraid to go to bed at night.  Every night a creepy goat lady he named Lily came to visit, it terrified him.  In the morning his dad made him breakfest.  It was just Noah and his dad now, because his mom died a long time ago.  The creepy goat lady would whisper to him "I'll always be here"  all night long.  So he thought she would haunt him forever.  One morning he discovered that his mother had been hiding a secret from him when she was alive.  She had an office that he was forbidden from entering, but one day he peeked.  He found evidence that at night she changed into something else.  That's why she always spent the night in there.  So I wouldn't see.  I had nothing to be scared of anymore.  The creepy goat lady was my mom, and she was appearing at night to tell me that she would always be here for me.