Saturday, September 11, 2021

Addy's Journal by Breanna

 Author: Breanna

Addy's Journal

       An LOL doll story 

 Hi, my name is Addy. After 5 years I thought we were the last people on Earth. I mean all that was left of us was my brother Luke and I. His girlfriend, Banshee and her sister, Olivia. There's also my friend Judd and his brother, Mace. After everyone else passed away we met up and decided that a nice place to finish growing up would be in Florida. Then we drove down there and in Winter Haven we found a really nice house. Next, we cleaned it up and made it our own. Then, we took a break to catch up. After that we set up a school and decontamination room in the case that anyone else came along. We also set up a children room. I mean what harm could a children room be, we're only 18. After setting up and moving in, which took another day, my other brother named Nick passed away from the virus. The rest of that day we just relaxed and watched TV. The next day we were comforted by a girl named Echo and her friend Silk, coming along. They got decontaminated and went upstairs to meet my other friends. We decided I would be the leader because I'm the most responsible. After meeting the two friends we relaxed on the lawn. The very next day Meya and Zya showed up, and got decontaminated. Then they went up to meet the rest of us. Meya had a child, named Andrea, which she brought along with her.On that same day Zya and Silk passed away, again from the nasty virus. Most of us spent the rest of the day in our beds, watching TV and mourning for the ones we've lost. At about 6:00AM, two more people showed up. Their names are Midnight and her brother, Tony. We talked as old friends for the rest of the day. On the fifth day, Mike and his brother, Alex came. The next day Lilaya, Miranda, and Alto show up. What a chance, triplets! Alto is another old friend, my other old friend Midnight and her talked for the rest of the day. After that, three sisters, named Anastasia, Cherry, and Violet, show up. We decided Anastasia is the best singer ever. The next day four sisters show up! Chaya, Sheila, Charlie, and Michael. On that day, I assigned jobs. Mace will be an electrician along with Mike. Olivia will be a maid. The teachers will be Chaya, Sheila, Tony, and Charlie. Midnight will be the vice leader to me. Tony will also be an engineer along with Alex. Lilaya will take care of the pets. Miranda will be the doctor along with Echo as the assistant. Alto will be a stylist. Anastasia will be a singer.  Finally,  I wanted to name the couples that have been reunited, they  are Charlie and Tony, Judd and Michael, Cherry and Mace, and Lilaya and Mike. All kids turn eighteen in 18 days, after that they don't turn a year older every day. Lilaya brought a kid and so did Michael. The three children are all eight years old.In the next ten days everyone talked so much. In those days the children learned to swim. Lilaya drowned. The machine I invented brought her back and she took the drowning thing hard. We had a party when she was fully recovered. The children got their final tests from school. Angel scored 100%. Tyan and Andrea scored 98%. These are the kids afterward:Tyan got together with    eighteen year old Anastasia. On that day a great evil came and we werewolves, witches, and warlocks came out of the darkness we were hiding in. Surprisingly enough, no one questioned it. After that meeting, the darkness took control of Michael causing her to kill some people in the house, except for my wolf. It also put others in trances, again except for my wolf. My wolf killed her and the cleanups began. We revived the dead with the machine I invented and the others immediately came out of trances once she was killed. It took days for everything to begin to get back to normal. In that time period it was so stressing. In that time, we werewolves began a close friend group. I was convinced there would never be peace again, so I jumped at the slightest movement or noise… After a few months, I got better and began to adjust to the peace. And in the beginning of a new life I became the leader of both worlds and a guardian to all.