Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Solar Flare by Breanna

Author: Breanna   

The Solar Flare

     "Mom!" Tanya shrieked. This was your average family, embarrassing mom and tough dad. Two children, a sister and brother. The kids were "angels". Tanyas' mom just called her "baby" in public, again.

     One day in April, that family was out on vacation in California. They were out at the beach when it all started. The brother started to scream "THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!" when the sudden thunderstorm/ weird riptides began. The family raced to the car and got in the car even though they were soaked. They started reving the car and then sped off to the tallest building, in which they had a room booked. They barely made it to the roof when the wave came. The twins were whimpering and the parents panting. When the wave hit, it was awful. The building didn't fall, but it groaned under the weight. The family huddled together, when the water rose up to their knees they were not calm anymore. In 1 hour the water was down enough for cars to drive, they started heading down to the street when the family remembered that the car would be gone. 

     That was when Mountain Shasta started to erupt lava. When this happened Tanya immediately yelled, "SOLAR FLARE!" They started to jog away from the flowing lava as far as their legs would take them. Once they were about 2 or 3 miles away from the lava, the family looked back to find that the lava was right behind them! The next thing that the family did was climb up on a big ledge. Once on the ledge Tanya asked the parents, "Are we going to die?" as the tears were slowly streaming down her face. The parents didn't respond. The lava rose up to the edge of the ledge. Then it stopped rising. The family slowly gathered their wits and hugged each other. After about 3 or 4 hours the lava was cool enough to walk on. They hopped on the warm lava and ran into the cave that used to be much to high to climb up too. 

     Just as they got in the cave, there was not much light and the loud roar came. The family ran as deep into the cave as possible. Then the four of them heard their first tornado ever. The mother said that by the noise and the wind they were feeling right now that it was at least an E.F. 5. Next the sky devil circled the cave for at least 30 minutes. When it was finally over they started to feel a weird shaking.

     Tanya stated that it was at least a 8.7 earthquake. They had seconds to run into the "lava" field. Once in the field the family laid down on their backs for about 15 minutes until the horrible shaking stopped. After 10 minutes of no scary weather the family decided to peek at their phones. On SmartNews it said that around only 1,000 people had survived in California.         

     Then all four of them screamed because of the tsunami, earthquake, and tornado happening all at once. The family went back to the cave, because it was decided that it would be the safest place for them. They huddled together on their backs for 10 very long hours. Luckily, that family survived and then ran out into the night like a pack of wolves! 

     They ran 4 or 5 miles to the nearest city. They then found an ambulance, and were sent home to their house. It wasn't completely destroyed, and it did have a lot of things thrown around. The family fixed up and got back to a normal life! Until 10 years later when another huge solar flare shook the Earth.