Thursday, September 16, 2021

Rescue Blackie by Breanna

Rescue Blackie by Breanna

     I dedicate this true story to my Great-grandma, (redacted.) May she rest in peace among the angels. I hope one day to be blessed enough to see her again. You will always be loved and missed, Great-grandma. Until we meet again. Love, your granddaughter, Breanna.

     One hot summer day, my grandparents decided to visit.

     We were so excited to see them. We took them to a new fishing spot. Next, we packed a cooler, fishing poles, and fishing chairs. Then we took off on our adventure.

     When we arrived, we cast out our poles and waited for the fun to begin. Suddenly, my dad says, as he reels the fishing pole in, "It must be a big one, it is bending my pole!" As the line gets closer to the bank, a little smirk comes across his face. He yelled out, "Look at that, it's a giant stick bass!" He had laughter in his voice.

     Next, my grandpa caught two fish back to back. The first one was a bass. The second one, a rock bass.

     At the same time I got a little tug. I yanked the pole and started reeling in. When the line got closer, I saw it was a baby sun fish.

     Grandma, who had been sitting quietly enjoying the ocean-like creek. Listening to the flow of the water, looking at the dirt and watching the Shadows dance across the water. Suddenly, she spoke up and said, "Hey, I hear a weird meowing sound.

     We all got very quiet and listened, but we could not hear it. Then, we began to hear a weird meowing noise, too. That's when I saw something moving across the creek, in weeds and I pointed it out. 

     Then I yelled, " It is a kitten." At the same time my grandma and dad said," You probably can't catch it." 

     At the same time, my brother and I jumped into the creek and slowly moved towards the kitten. Suddenly, the kitten jumped into the creek and…. started to come to us but he couldn't swim.

     My brother reached him first and picked him up. Immediately he started purring. Right away we saw he needed water and let him drink out of the creek. Dad and grandma were surprised. That's also when we noticed he was starving, so we caught some minnows from the creek for him to eat. He gobbled them up and now he eats everything. After that we walked home. Then gave him a bath which, he did not seem to mind. That night when we left him outside to go to the bathroom, he disappeared. I cried all night long, devastated that my new best friend was gone. The next day we actually found him in the same exact place. This time I jumped into the creek and got him. I walked him home. I was super happy. To this day my cat, Blackie, still lives and of course he eats everything!


There was once a kitten named Blackie

Who lived to go hackey hackey

The kitten lived to eat mice

He loved to play with dice

The kitten loved to wear khakis 

                The End