Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Beatrice and the Magical Island by Breanna

 Fantasy Story by Breanna

     There once was a girl named Beatrice. She only had two friends. Her brother, Trip, was the one who had a ton of friends. Her best friend, Layla, was an only child. She only had Beatrice and Trip as friends. They played inside or outside. Trip and Layla were dating. Beatrice didn't mind that, at all. One day they were at Beatrice and Trip's house, playing hide and seek. 

     Beatrice and Layla were hiding somewhere in the house with a lavender febreeze scent lingering in the air. They were messing around and Trip found them. Beatrice was laughing so hard she fell. Then they went to her room and took a break. Halfway into the break, Beatrice wanted to show them a painting she had painted yesterday. It had the sun with a curious fox on it. She then tripped over a misplaced video tape, and she hit the ground so hard on only one arm.  She had to go to the hospital with her parents, brother, and her friend. The doctor said, "You definitely broke your arm. I'm so sorry, it looks like a bad break. Let me cast that, before, here is the sling."

     They then went home and on the way Beatrice said, "So what do guys want to do?" Trip, Layla, and Beatrice agreed on going to the arcade, the new one with free candy corn's. They went to ask Beatrice and Trip's parents (Katlyn and Max) if they could go to the new arcade. They said, "Yes, we will take you as long as you kids don't get into trouble." They then agreed, as long as they could get as many candy corns as they wanted.

     They were now heading to the new arcade, the evening sun setting on the horizon was amazing. Luckily, Beatrice was able to play with her cast. The kids all brought 10 dollars each. They spent three hours at the arcade playing every game. They each won a good amount of prizes from the claw machine. Beatrice, Trip, and Layla had an amazing time. There was a radio on and everyone there loved the music! 

    They got home and went to Beatrice's room, once again. Layla said, "Here you go Beatrice, I picked up that video tape." Beatrice said, "Thank you, Layla" in a fancy tone. They then started finding little pieces of paper that had a nice coconut smell, and they were clue's. Before this happened, they were going to explore the house. Then they found a compass, it had a red rose design on the front. The kids thought the parents were playing with them. 

     When they were looking for what the clue's led to, the group tripped over a string. They then stumbled into a big button with the same red rose design as the compass, but the button led to a secret room. They decided to go into the room using sign language to talk to each other.  On a huge table there was a book that said, "Open!" They then decided to open the book. All they saw for a short second was a bright flash of white. Then, all of the sudden, the compass was in Beatrice's hand, again. 

     They all said, in unison, "Where are we and most important, how do we get home?" They looked around for a few minutes, and were very shocked. Beatrice spoke up and said, "My arm doesn't hurt anymore." Next, she yanked off the cast. What she saw amazed her, there was no more bruising and she could move her arm. After another long period of silence, Layla said, "Wherever we are, it would probably be best to stick together." Beatrice handed Trip the compass. Then Trip said, "We should go north." 

     They then walked around while being close together. After an hour they found a circle of rocks that had a glowing circle above it. They decided to step into it. Next they stepped out of it, and when the kids were out, they had armor and weapons. The gear had the red rose design on it, too. Just then the group noticed they were surrounded by trolls! They used the weapons to kill all of the trolls. Except one who was surprisingly nice, and he promised to help them along their journey back  home.

     Next the group went back into the glowing circle thing again. When they stepped out this time, the kids were at an ice palace. When they started to look around they spotted this ice dragon. They started to battle when Layla suddenly asked, "Why are you being so mean?" The ice dragon whispered, "I'm being watched by the ice queen." They whispered in unison, "We can help you escape!" The dragon said, "Yes, please and I will help you kids back to your home."

     When they were heading out, the same thing happened with the ice dragon's brother, the fire dragon. By then they had a troll, ice dragon, and a fire dragon helping them on this adventure. The group went back to the glowing circle thing and stepped out again, this time they were all on a huge boat. The boat had the rose symbol. The weird thing was that there was space for something extra.

     This time they were battling Fermaids (fairies and mermaids mixed). While they were battling, the humans noticed they had magical powers at the magical island. They again figured out that there was only one Fermaid who was nice. They made her promise to help them along their journey and then she put a water bubble around herself and got on the boat. Then the group sailed to the warm and breezy beach.

     The magical animals created a huge tree house and went inside. The three teenagers found three cozy chairs and carried them to the sandy beach. They all love the beach, very much. The calm breeze, the warmness, the flowing water, and the noise of  the animals. They used the powers to create food, because they were all very hungry after that day. Then Trip said, "Let's go east!" They got up and searched for three hours for a way home. Finally, they found a portal at twelve a.m. The three headed to the tree house to say goodbye and thank you to their friends.

     When the portal took them home, they all excitedly whispered, "Now we have our own little secret hideout!" After a while of thinking of names, they decided to name the island, "All You Need Is Magic" and the ocean, "Big Beautiful Blue!" 

         Extra Information: A story about a girl who is very weird. She and her friends are playing at their house. They were messing around and found a secret room. She and her friends have discovered a new island. Will they survive or go to their deaths?

     Beatrice and the Magical Island.