Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Hackers by Breanna

 A short story from Breanna, inspired by a dream. 

 At this time, I was a 14 year old girl in 8th grade. One day, my friend, Adailya, was coming to my house. My mom, Adailya and I were going to the grocery store. On the way to the store, Adailya and I saw six coyotes and pups. My mom didn't see them, so we picked up our groceries and headed back. My mom got to see the coyotes, but this time they were attacking a public store. We saw some people who were dressed very weirdly. They seemed too interested in us…

     The next week, I started to notice my phone was downloading things I didn't download. Also, my camera started filming me without my consent, I fought with the camera, but every time I turned it off. It turned back on again. My phone just did things that I didn't do. I started to do random Google meets, and for some reason, there was always this lady that came up on my Google meet. She had long black hair. 

    One day, my brother and I were alone at our house. Some guys knocked on our door and I heard glass shatter. I told my brother, "Go upstairs and hide, hurry!" I saw two guys sitting out front. I snuck to attack one, I didn't know I had killed someone at the time. Then, I went to attack the other and I also killed him. Next, I went to my garage, there were two teenage boys in the garage with a gun. I snatched from them, apparently one of them had got the gun open. The last bit of ammo rolled out as I yanked the gun back. As I had seen in the movies, I hit one of them in the head with the bottom of the gun. He passed out and I was about to deal with his friend, when his friend begged me not to. So I tied them up and called my parents. I didn't tell my parents what they had done, but I said I found them out alone on the street and they needed a home. I couldn't believe they were actually nice, we all survived and they told me where their boss was. I also couldn't believe they had manners. A tall girl with black long hair.

     One month later, my dad was home and some guys showed up at the door. My dad got his gun and I snuck up on the other one in the backyard, when he told me not to. I killed the one in the back, and my dad killed the two in the front. I went to the place my two friends (the teenagers) told me to. This time the hacker lady was there. I strangled and drowned her. The one teenager that I knocked out became my brother's best friend, while the one who begged me not to kill him became my friend. That was the happiest ending I needed.