Monday, April 26, 2021

Bumble: FNAF Fan Fiction Part 2

  This story was written by one of my FNAF Mashup clubs on Outschool and myself.  The students who worked on this fantastic tale of horror are Serenity, Logan, Mason, and Charlie. We love the INSANE lore of FNAF and we hope you enjoy this twisted tale and its shocking turns! 

Art by Serenity

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“What’s going on?” Jordan asked, taking a step closer to his mom.

She peered all around, her mouth hanging open. “I, uh… I guess they got all closed up in a hurry!” Marissa explained. She chuckled nervously. “I’ve worked restaurants before. You do want to get out quick at the end of the night if you can.” 

“But what about all the… Dirt?” Jordan wondered. 

She ignored him. “Hello?” She called. “Anyone still here? You left us in here!” 

There was no answer but the low hum of the security lights. They stood listening in the all consuming quiet. 

And then they heard skittering feet. 

Fast and small, like little paws with clicking claws. 

Jordan gasped and grabbed Marissa’s arm. 

“Come on, bud,” she said. “Let’s just get out. I’m sure they didn’t mean to leave us in here.” She laced her fingers with his and began to stride with purpose toward the exit of the dining room, which led to the ticket redemption area, then another area where the registers were, and finally a vestibule that led to the outside. 

The walls of the dining room were draped with heavy red velvet curtains, meant to look like an old fashioned stage. Though mother and son were far from the wall, the drapes began to sway, raising a plume of dust into the  murky darkness. 

Marissa quickened her pace and Jordan rushed along beside her. 

And then, an animatronic fox lunged out of the drapes. 

“AAAAAH!” Jordan shrieked. 

Marissa jerked her son forward at a dead run but then when no other sounds ensued she paused to glance back. The fox was sprawled face down on the floor, unmoving. A nervous ball of laughter made her throat hot and spilled out into the eerie air. “It’s OK, bud, it just fell!” 

Jordan stared back at the fallen animatronic, every single story he’d been told his entire life about this miserable dump now playing tricks in his mind. “But how? Why was it behind the curtains? It wasn’t there earlier!” 

Marissa’s nervous smile faded. “Come on,” she said quietly, her eyes still glued on the animatronic. “Let’s just get out of here. 

In the ticket room, it was impossible not to note that the purple rabbit animatronic was behind the counter, lurking, as though waiting to serve a customer.

Or kill one…

“Mom,” Jordan whispered. “That one was in the hallway…”

“I know, just keep moving,” Marissa hissed.  

When they burst into the register area, one of the register drawers shot open. Coins exploded out of it and clinked every which way on the dirty checkered floor. They were running now, but stopped short at the doorway to the vestibule. 

It was boarded up tight, floor to ceiling. Not even a tiny sliver of the night outside could be detected. 

“What’s going on here?” Marissa snarled. 

She let go of Jordan’s hand and began clawing at the boards, trying to get her nails into one of the groves between them. 

While she tussled with the boards, breathing hard, and quietly muttered swear words, Jordan looked back the direction they’d just come. That’s when he spotted the dog. 

It was sitting in the dining room doorway, seeming to watch Jordan. It was small and brown, with cute floppy ears, a red collar, and a shining gold tag. It’s head was cocked slightly to the side and as it panted happily, it seemed to smile. 

Jordan wondered how it had gotten in here. He loved dogs and didn’t want it to be left behind. He took one step toward the dog, and it jumped up and ran away, darting off to the left and out of Jordan’s view. 

He glanced back at Marissa and then took off after the dog. 


“Dang it!” Marissa yelled, slamming her palms against the rough boards. It was no use, she was exhausting herself. Needlessly too, as they hadn’t even attempted to find any other exits. Surely there was some way out. She turned to assure her son not to worry but her jaw dropped when she found he was nowhere to be seen.

“Jor?” She said. She ran around the small register area, peeking behind the counter and into every corner. “JORDAN!” Marissa yelled. 

She sprinted back into the ticket redemption room, her mind beginning to spin. “JORDAN!” 

That horrible purple rabbit was somehow gone then, but she didn’t even stop to contemplate why on earth that was… She just kept screaming Jordan’s name and scrambling around looking for him. 

She dashed into every corner. Swept aside curtains. Peered under counters. No Jordan. No sign of him. “JORDAN!” 

Back in the dining room then, and her distraught gaze was instantly drawn to the center of the room.

The yellow bird animatronic sat at a table, it’s head bent forward as though it had fallen asleep. In front of it was the strange cupcake and the candle on top of the cupcake was lit, casting an eerie glow on the bird’s face. 

Then, the bird looked up. 

Stark maddening fear exploded inside Marissa’s chest and she growled, a raw primal sound that ripped into the dark. She shot toward another nearby hallway and suddenly found herself cast back into almost complete darkness.

And then, complete darkness as even the security lights flickered and went out. 

She saw a door right in front of her just as the last of the light failed and a deathly quiet settled over the nightmare.

She stood there for a moment, trying to get her eyes to adjust and mindfully forcing her breathing to slow. This was ridiculous, being scared of a bunch of dolls. And her son was obviously playing a trick on her. An insanely involved and terrifying trick, but hey, she supposed she’d had it coming considering everything that being her kid had put him through. She would calm herself down, he’d eventually get tired of it, and they could go home. 

But then, the strangest thing happened. A song began to play, seeming to come from somewhere behind her. It was a familiar song, one from sometime way back in her childhood. What was it called? 

The Toreador March. 

What the heck? It sounded sort of like a music box, but a broken one, or one about to wind down. Then, she heard footsteps. 

Slowly, she turned her head to the side. At first she could only see two glowing white pinpoints. But as the figure got closer and emerged from the depths of the gloom she could see a huge animatronic bear. One with a ridiculous top hat. Glowing eyes. Dirty plastic skin whithering from its metal bones.

And a gigantic gaping jaw full of sharp teeth. 

Marissa plunged forward violently shoving open the door in front of her. She catapulted herself into the pitch blackness beyond the door so quickly that she crashed to the floor. Pain vibrated through her body even as she fiercely kicked the door closed. She scrambled to her knees and felt around in the dark for the door. 

Finding the knob, she whispered, “Thank God,” and flipped the lock.


Jordan chased the dog all the way through the restaurant, through a beat up metal door, and into a disheveled and dark office. When he stepped inside, the door slammed shut behind him. Jordan startled, but then turned his attention back to the dog.

Now that he was this close, he could see the dog was not real.

It was an animatronic.

It still cocked its head to the side and panted, except now he could hear the panting sounded like a staticky recording coming from inside the small doll-like robot. 

Jordan took the ever so slightest step backward toward the door. 

The animatronic stopped panting. It’s razor sharp teeth glinted in the low light of the security lights. There were also computer screens here, showing several different views of the restaurant. But Jordan didn’t dare look at them. 

The dog licked it’s fake lips. 

It was so easy to see now this was no dog. It’s eyes rolled weirdly and clicked in their sockets. It’s tongue seemed stiff and rubbery. 

Lights glowed and moved under it’s skin as though electricity coursed through it’s metal veins. 

A low, staticky growl elicited from inside the strange little animatronic. 

Jordan bolted backwards for the door and the dog lunged. 

With a brutal roar, Jordan kicked the robot dog in the head, and removed it cleanly from the shoulders. The head flew backwards and clinked across the concrete floor. Jordan stared with wide eyes at wiggling ripped wires dancing and zapping at the opening of the dog’s neck where it’s head had once perched. Jordan held his breath until finally, the thing went quiet and fell over. 

Then, everything went completely and utterly dark. 


Marissa fumbled in her pocket for her phone. She was practically hyperventilating as she found it. Whatever the thing in the hallway was had finished it’s gruesome song and it’s footsteps had disappeared in retreat. But her senses hummed with the possibility that it might be a trick. 

With shaking hands, she dropped the phone twice and had to scurry on the dirty floor feeling around to find it. Finally, she managed to que up the iPhone flashlight. She fully intended to dial 911 and get help dispatched, then continue the search for her son. 

But she saw it before she got the chance to dial. And she slammed back into the door, all oxygen escaping her in one painful blast. 

It was a bee. Every bit of nine feet tall. One of the animatronic things. Who ever though ANY of these monsters were appropriate for children? What kind of psychopath?

It had a massive bee abdomen and six long hairy legs that ended in needle sharp points. Its wings glimmered in the luminant glow of her iPhone and would have been nearly beautiful if they weren’t so tattered and torn, and attached to an abomination of nature. 

It’s huge head and grotesque bulbous eyes were slumped forward as though it were long since out of commission. But the most terrifying part was the stinger. 

Four feet long at least, its razor point gleaming in the purple dark. 

Her heart pounded worse than ever, and she resumed her effort to call the police by raising the phone to a vantage point where she could see the numbers and the horrid animatronic. 

That’s why she saw when it’s head snapped up. 

A low malevolent buzz seemed to swell and fill the entire room. It was menacingly loud and threatened to crush her skull. 

Her phone slipped from her hands and clattered to the floor, skittering away like a spider and instantly forgotten. 

The bulging eyes snapped open and revealed glowing purple orbs. 

Marissa opened her mouth and howled. It was as though an ageless beast was inside her and had been awakened. 

She closed the gap between herself and the bee, drew back her fist and plunged it through the bee’s tattered exterior. 

It’s buzz intensified and her hand felt as though it was in a squirming bowl of snakes. But she clawed, ripped, and yanked with a fierce shriek. 

Marissa pulled out a writing mass of wires and the bee’s buzz turned into more of a shriek. Somehow through the frenzy of her screaming mind she seemed to remember being told that dying bees can summon other bees with their cry so she screamed louder. 

She chucked the wires and reached inside the bee again. It dropped to it’s knees as she ripped and shredded whatever she could get her hands on. She attacked with both hands, grabbing, shredding, punching, kicking and even biting. And soon, the bee lay prone on the floor. 

Still. Silent. 

Her phone was still close enough to cast the slightest effervescent glow upon the scene of the monster’s death. 

Marissa swiped at hot tears on her cheek. 

The freakish stinger glinted again in the surreal darkness. 

Marissa stopped down and wrapped both her hands around it. She began to twist it and found that it easily screwed up. 

She shot to her feet once again and turned the stinger in her hands, holding it as though it was a sword. 

An extraordinarily terrifying and lethal sword.

Her heart suddenly slowed down. Her breathing slowed down. The blood rushing in her head slowed down. 

It was time to get her son.

She spent a moment fetching her phone. She was able to position the light sticking out of her front jeans pocket so that she could see without having to hold the phone.

She gave the bee one more jab with the toe of her boot for good measure. Then she turned, threw her shoulders back, and took a deep breath.

And yanked open the door.

The psycho bear charged, but she’d guessed that one right. It ran itself right into her stinger sword, she didn’t even need to thrust. She did however pull it out and then stab the thing again as it fell. This time through it’s glowing rolling eye. 

One dying line of the Toreador March oozed out into the stifling air and then the thing was totally still and dead quiet. 

Marissa grinned. 

She stepped over the thing she’d reduced to nothing more than a broken toy and strode down the hall. 

She heard a childish giggle before she saw the thing. 

Except it was like a grown man giggling but just trying to sound like a child. Which made it all the more horrifying when the eight foot tall fox charged at her when she emerged from the hallway. With a wild animal scream, Marissa ran straight at it and slammed into it with her sword. 

It’s powerful arms and eight inch claws encircled her but only weakly. The giggle turned to a pitiful whimper.

So naturally, she gave the stinger a twist. 

The fox went limp, released her, and fluttered almost delicately to the floor as though he were nothing more than a discarded plastic shopping sack. 

Her heart had begun to race again, but this time with pure adrenaline. For the first time in her life, she began to feel grateful for her difficult past. She’d been in some tight spots in lockup. Suddenly, she believed that would get her through this nightmare, and most importantly, back to her son.

It was then that she heard it. A very quiet sobbing. Like a little boy. Like her son, crying and afraid.

But alive. 

She followed the faint sound and her mother’s heart was flooding with emotion but also laser focus. Therefore, when the rabbit and the bird appeared, she was somehow ready. 

They had been tucked into draperies along the wall, on either side of the dining room. They burst out in tandem, as though the whole thing had been impeccably planned. They sprinted like no Olympic athlete could ever hope to do, across the dining room, closing in on Marissa. They shoved and tossed tables and chairs out of their way as though they were mere weightless toothpicks. 

The horror rabbit arrived a split second ahead of the devil bird. Marissa caught it squarely in it’s heart with the sword. At least, where a heart would’ve been if it were a creature that made sense. It squealed and it’s round red eyes grew wide. 

Without so much as taking a breath, Marissa spun and delivered a brain damaging kick to the face of the bird. Its stupid toothy beak crushed inward and it’s face became a concave mess of wires and blinking lights. Then she yanked the stinger from the rabbit and finished the bird off with a stab to it’s destroyed face. 

Both animatronics fell heavily to the ground. 

All evening she and her son had discussed and made fun of the animatronics. She didn’t think there were anymore, but the bee had certainly been a surprise, so she couldn’t be sure.

She took a moment to assess her surroundings and catch her breath. Then she took back her stinger and sprinted toward the old beat up metal door in the back of the room. When she reached it, she drew back her foot and blasted it forward, effortlessly kicking the door open. 

Marissa dashed across the small dirty room where she saw Jordan cowering underneath a desk. 

Art by Serenity

Just as she reached him, the power resumed. The security lights hummed to life and a decrepit row of computer monitors blinked on. 

Jordan scrambled out from beneath the desk and flung himself into his mother’s arms. 


In the end, they found their way through the old broken down kitchen to a back door that wasn’t even locked, let alone boarded up. When they walked out of Fazbear’s and into the gravel parking lot, the first pink fingers of dawn had begun to sneak up past the horizon. 

Marissa tossed the stinger to the right of the door, and took Jordan’s hand. The two of them walked, bedraggled, and weary to the bone, simply wanting to get off the property of the god awful place. 

And they almost made it, but then, Marissa collapsed; falling lifeless to the ground.


Marissa woke up with a start. Her head was pounding and there was the horrible loud grumbling buzzing sound. Also, a quiet child’s voice, like a whisper inside her mind. 

“Thank you for setting me free…”

Marissa tried to sit up, but found her body felt as though it weighed a thousand pounds and was made of metal. The buzzing was maddening.

“Who… Who was that?” Marissa cried. Except her voice sounded tinny and robotic. She lifted her hands in front of her face and found they were not hands at all; but slender black hairy needle sharp limbs. 

Marissa tried to scream but it only came out as a horrible shrill buzz. 

The little girl’s ghostly voice came again. “Bumble’s humble shopping center, where we make shopping fun…

For everyone…”

Art by Serenity